Ways to Stress No More with Ashta Siddhis

Ways to Stress No More with Ashta Siddhis

There are various ways to stress no more. Some are more common than the other but most people have always found it very relaxing to follow relaxation techniques such as yoga to get rid of the stress. In a recent article, we found that another way to do away with stress is to use Ashta Siddhis to do away with stress. Have you been feeling stress due to your excessive drive to earn more?  Are you earning more than usual but still feel like it’s not enough? Are the stresses enough to get you more strained and you seem not to be able to do away with it?  Man is insatiable upon birth and the only way to stop being over stressed is to reanalyze the way you live your life.

Often, we want to earn more money for convenience. Money is very important for without it, we cannot get the things we need to live by. This is also the reason why many people work several hours at work doing menial jobs just so they can purchase what they want. In the competitive world that we are in, having enough is never enough. This is the reason why even if they are already stressed from work, they still won’t give up because they believe that they need other things. Little do they know that most of the things they crave for are simple unnecessary.

Less stress if you figure out:

  • The needs. If you know your necessities, you know what to prioritize. The main part of what you earn should always go to this part. A lot of people get stressed when they over spend on what is not necessary and find out later that they no longer have enough money for what they need. Make sure your needs are met first. When the right time comes, you will have more than enough money to get you what you want.
  • The wants. What you want to have is usually what are popular or what someone else in the office or school has. It means, you can continue living without these items and that you can do away without them. However, it will stress you out if you keep wanting more than what your budget can hold. Just think about what you will be able to get in the future if you have a clear head during work rather than a stressed one.
  • What the family needs and wants. You should be able to budget and balance out what the family wants and needs. As it is indicated by the previous two, the needs should always come first and you should be able to make this clear to everyone and make them understand why.

Stress No More

The eight siddhis Swamiji described are:

Anima: Reducing one’s physical self to the size of an atom

Mahima: Growing one’s physical self to incredibly large size

Garima: Making one’s physical self so heavy as immovable by others

Laghima: Becoming almost weightless

Prapti: Being able to go/travel wherever one wants

Prakamya: Being able to obtain whatever one wants

Istva: Possessing lordship

Vastva: Being able to control the minds of others

Sheetal posted on www.blog.beliefnet.com regarding these eight principles that can help you do away with stress.

Having contentment for what you have is always helpful to lessen the stress that you feel. Working hard to get to your goal is good but it doesn’t have to place your health as a sacrifice. Make sure that you stress no more from things that are unnecessary. Find a job that will suit your needs and give you enough money to save for what you want.

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  1. Constantino says:

    Stress has an affect on your body that can cause or heghiten many disease in fact most diseases will be worsened by stress. Prevention is not so easy but better care of mental/emotional health would include stress management, relaxation, exercises a health life balance etc

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